About Us

It’s all Irish is more than just a marketplace.

Leanne began her journey to make shopping Irish products and services back in November 2020.

“My creative journey began in 2020 with my own small business of making jewellery. Excited to launch my designs, I took to the online world in the hope to build my brand and sell my creations.

Like many others across the country I found that there were not many places that championed Irish products, brands and services.  I felt overwhelmed and frustrated with the little that Irish designers and creators had to showcase their work. It was then that I decided to create a website for all Irish businesses and try and find a solution to the problem. I also found on this journey that support structures were hard to come by – even down to having a chat with likeminded people! I designed an online space  for creators and businesses all across Ireland to connect, sell, advertise and buy Irish.”

It’s all Irish values their vendors hard work and determination having started their own small business. It gave great insight as to how they can support, promote and reach a wider audience.

It’s all Irish is committed to bringing all Irish products to a global scale. Providing a bespoke website that provides world class Irish ecommerce. It is designed so that shopping local still remains as easy as possible and to reach a global community. As cliché as it sounds, we are stronger together. It’s all Irish is bridging the gap and excited to deliver high quality goods and services to the Irish market.

Vendors receive 100% of sales and there is no commission applied or hidden charges. This will allow vendors to keep their earnings and grow their business.